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Customer Favorites

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Garmin GFC 500

With an easy-to-use interface and great integration wtih all other Garmin products, the GFC 500 is the first choice for many GA pilots.

Autopilot Anchor



Garmin GTN 750/650

As Garmin's flagship navigator, the GTN series is one of the most capable retrofits you can buy.  It combines a WAAS approach-capable GPS, COM radio and VOR/ILS receiver in one seamless, beautiful touchscreen display. See why pilots everywhere love it!


Garmin GTR 225

Garmin's advanced twist on a "classic"-style radio interface, the GTR 225 COM-only transceiver boasts a bright display, self identification of frequencies, and advanced standby monitoring.

Radio Anchor

ADS-B Transponders


Garmin GTX 345

Solve your ADS-B OUT and IN needs with one unit! Simple and easy to use. Display real-time weather and traffic on your existing moving map display, or popular EFB software like ForeFlight via built-in Bluetooth. Don't need ADS-B IN? Then consider the lower-priced GTX 335.


Appareo Stratus

A popular and cost-effective ADS-B 1090 Mode-S transponder that will speak to popular EFBs like ForeFlight.


Garmin GNX 375

All the capability of an IFR-certified Garmin GPS approach-capable navigator, combined with a state-of-the-art ADS-B IN/OUT Mode-S transponder.

ADS-B Transponder Anchor

Flight Instruments and Integrated Panel Upgrades


Garmin G3X

Recently certificated from the experimental market, the G3X is a powerful touch screen primary flight display, and can be customized in many different ways


Garmin G500 TXi

Geared toward the IFR pilot, the G500 TXi puts all the information you need at your fingertips. Add a PFD, MFD or multiple units.


Garmin G5

For an affordable price, upgrade your steam gauges with this popular G5 duo. These include solid-state gyros, allowing you to get rid of your failure-prone engine-driven vacuum pump.

flight ins

Garmin GI 275

These versatile and programmable gauges can be customized for the specific functions you'd like to display: attitude indicator, engine monitor, or even a GPS moving map display providing synthetic vision with traffic and weather.


JP Instruments EDM 830

Supplement your existing engine instruments with the EDM 830 from JP Instruments.  This device accurately monitors all aspects of your engine's performance. All data is recorded and can be downloaded for trend analysis.  Or, replace your antique primary engine gauges entirely with the EDM 900 series products.


PS Engineering PMA450B

This capable audio panel comes equipped with two independent Bluetooth modules, allowing for phone calls and music while you fly.

Other Equipment


uAvionix tailBeacon

A tail-mounted LED position light, as well as an ADS-B OUT transponder


uAvionix skyBeacon

Like the uAvionix tailBeacon, the skyBeacon is an ADS-B transponder and wingtip-mounted position light.  Also available is the matching ADS-B IN receiver to communicate with your EFB.

Artex ELT 345


This rugged, reliable 406 MHz ELT is a favorite for pilots all around. Using your aircraft's GPS position, it uplinks your precise location to the SAR satellite network to aid search and rescue personnel.

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